Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering
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Course title
Zhu, Leqi associate professor
Instructor’s profile
Dr. Zhu, Leqi obtained his Ph.D degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University. His research interests are formal syntax, especially light verb syntax of Chinese; Chomskyan philosophy and linguistics;
Course goals
This course aims to build up knowledge in generative grammar based on the Minimalist Program.
Topics to be covered in this course include
Theta Roles & Argument;
Feature Checking and Merge;
X-bar Theory;
VP Shell
Assignment and course paper
Reference books
1.Chomsky, N. 1957. Syntactic Structures.
The Hague: Mouton & Co. Publishers.
2. Carnie, A. 2002. Syntax: a generative introduction. Massachusetts: Blackwell.
3. Radford, A. 1997. Syntax: a minimalist introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
4. Adger, D. 2003. Core Syntax. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Working language
English and Chinese

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