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Computer-aided Translation
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Course title
Computer-aided Translation
Dr. QIAN Duoxiu
Instructor’s profile
Dr. QIAN Duoxiu obtained her PhD in Translation Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her main research interests include translation studies in the Chinese context, corpus-based translation studies, and translation technology.
Course goals
This course aims to answer the call of this digitalized era and the call of the translation industry. It will introduce various computer applications in translation. After taking this course, students are expected to have both the know-how of translation technology and hands-on experiences of mainstream tools in corpus construction and analysis and computer-aided translation.
Topics covered in this course include history of machine translation, corpus, corpus construction and analysis, applications of computer technology in translation theory and practice, localization and globalization, etc.
Participation and assignments (50%) + Final exam (50%)
Reference books
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