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Department of Russian Studies
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The Department of Russian Studies was established in October, 2007, formerly known as Russian Teaching and Research Division of Foreign Languages Department. Since its establishment, Department of Russian Studies has been making great efforts in doing academic research and constructing its discipline, as a result, both teaching and academic research have witnessed smooth and rapid development. The MA program of Russian Language and Literature was set up in 2005. The program started to enroll MA students of Russian from 2006. Academic leaders and core of the teaching faculty have rich teaching experiences, and because of their rigorous scholarship, they have made an abundance of academic achievements.


The Department has a total of nine teachers, including two professors, one associate professor, five lecturers and one foreign instructor. 90% of the teachers have PhD degrees and overseas study experience.


The Department is also in charge of teaching Russian, Japanese, French and Korean to the undergraduates, graduates and PhD candidates of the whole university. The MA program of Russian Language and Literature covers both Russian Language and Literature.

Cultivation of Talents and Professional People

The Department’s priority is to cultivate talents. Supported by the engineering background of Beihang University, the Russian language teaching program has undergone constant reform and renovation, and has always maintained its advantage and special features of Russian language teaching among science and engineering universities in China. Our MA students have a systematic and solid foundation in the basic theories and research practice of Russian linguistics and applied linguistics, well versed in the history and latest development of Russian linguistics, have a good and systematic command of the specialized knowledge, extensive cultural background, very competent in cultural exchange, and have strong writing and speaking abilities. Guided by their supervisors, they have done some novel research in the fields of Russian semantics, Russian pragmatics, Russian functional rhetoric and modern Russian aspect of verbs; they are competent in Russian language teaching, language research as well as in translation and foreign affairs work. In July 2010, School of Foreign Languages of Beihang University was ratified the program of “First Level of PhD of Foreign Languages and Literature”, which covers the program of “PhD of Russian Language and Literature.” When conditions allow it, we will start to enroll doctorate students in Russian Language and Literature.

International Exchange

In recent years, Department of Russian Studies has been active in developing international programs of exchange, cooperation and work, and has touched on new fields of cooperation. Up till now, the Department has established friendly relations with such famous universities as Baoman Moscow State Technical University, Ukraine State Aerospace University, Ural Federal University and Belarus Technical University. A new chapter is open in these exchange programs.

Contact: mabuning@buaa.edu.cn

Chinese version by Buning MA, translated by Wenzhong WU

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