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Department of German
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The German program of Beihang University started to enroll undergraduate students in September 2004, and the quota of each year is about twenty. Department of German Studies started to enroll MA students in German Literature, German Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in 2010.

The Department has a premiere team of teaching staff, who lay equal emphasis on academic research and teaching and value highly the spirit of team work. The department has eight teachers, including one professor and one associate professor, four having PhD degrees. Over half of the teachers have the experience of studying or working in German speaking countries, and one of them won Humboldt Research Fellowship. Besides, one native German instructor has been teaching in the Department over a long period of time.

The German program sees as its priority to give students intensive basic training. The program offers a wide calibre education and requires the students to have a fairly solid grounding in the basic theories and basic knowledge of German linguistics, German literature, politics, history, economy, Sino-foreign cultures, and mathematics, and have strong abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing in German, and translation and interpretation between Chinese and German.

The curricula consist of the various specialized skill-training courses of German, and supported by training courses in skills of English. Meanwhile, with a rich engineering background of Beihang University, some science and engineering courses are offered as part of the curricula, so as to enable the students to acquire knowledge of sciences and modern engineering unavailable in other colleges and universities of liberal arts. This is to widen the special fields of learning and improve the competitive power of our German majors in the job market.

In recent years, Department of German Studies has had extensive academic exchange and joint training programs with German universities, for the aim of providing favourable conditions for our students to do Master and Doctorate degree studies in German universities.

Faculty Members:

Full Professor: Xiaoqiao Wu (Head of Department)

Associate professor: Fang Liu

Lecturers: Peter Büttner, Qun Chen, Ke He, Liang Liang, Ying Wang, and Jing Wen

Courses Offered:

Comprehensive German, German Listening, Spoken German, Extensive Readings in German, Writing in German, Survey of Germany, National Conditions of German Speaking Countries, Contemporary German Culture, German Linguistics, History of German Literature, Schools of German Literature, German Translation Practice, Business German and Science German.

Contact: xiaoqiaowu@hotmail.com

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