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Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering
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The Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering was set up in 2011. It is one of the very few linguistics departments, and the newest one, in Mainland China. We aim at making the Department one that is the same in nature as any linguistics department in a world-class university. We have a strong faculty in linguistics, currently consisting of 6 full-professors in linguistics, 4 associate professors and 1 assistant professor. More high-quality faculty members are being sought, to strengthen this fast-growing Department.

The Department is devoted to the teaching and research in major areas in linguistics, including Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, the Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Computational Linguistics, and Translation Theory. In particular, we are focusing on relating linguistics research to science, technology and engineering, which are three strong aspects of the University. Active research is being done in the Department in applying computing, mathematical, and experimental techniques in studying human language, in such areas as Corpus Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, and Machine Translation.

The Department currently runs three degree programs: a BA in Linguistics, an MA in linguistics, and a PhD in linguistics. Every year we recruit 20-30 MA students and 6 PhD students. The Department has active interactions with leading linguists and philosophers in the world. We welcome all potential students with high academic or career ambitions to join us to build the Department into one with internationally known quality and reputation.

Faculty members:

Head of Department: Francis Yunqing Lin (PhD Essex, DPhil Oxon)

Deputy Head: Tao Xu (PhD Nankai)

Professors: Thomas Fuyin Li, Francis Yunqing Lin, Eena Wang, Naixing Wei, Jun Wen, Mingyou Xiang

Associate Professors: Heng Su, Tao Xu, Ye Yuan, Leqi Zhu

Assistant Professor: Xiaoyan Zhou

Contact: ylin@buaa.edu.cn

Co-authored by Francis Yunqing LIN & Tao XU

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