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Department of Applied English
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The Department started its BA in English Language and Literature program in 1978.

It offers students a variety of interdisciplinary undergraduate courses. Upon graduation, the English majors are expected to exhibit proficiency in English and a second foreign language, familiarity with science and technology, acquaintance with literature and history, capability in critical thinking, and creativity and innovativeness.

At the undergraduate level, the curricula consist of "required platform courses" and "selective specialization courses". The platform courses focus on the cultivation of such fundamental skills as effective listening, debating and communication, critical reading and thinking, effective and creative writing, and basic translation and interpretation. Meanwhile, these courses aim to help English majors broaden their vision of the world and better understand human civilization. The specialization courses open up three possible directions of inquiry for students, namely, literature, linguistics, and rhetoric and writing. These courses aim to train students in critical thinking and research skills so that they will be able to move forward academically and/or professionally.

The Department also provides students opportunities to study abroad for one year in English-speaking countries. Partners include universities in the US, UK, and Australia. It also has a dual-degree program for non-English majors at Beihang University. The non-English majors can graduate with two bachelor degrees, one degree in their major and a second degree in English, if they have obtained 30 course credits from required basic courses and specialization courses in the Department of Applied English.

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Authored by Ying LIU

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