Professor Wei Naixing
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Wei Naixing


Deputy Dean

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Research areas

Corpus linguistics

Applied linguistics

Contrastive lexis


Brief introduction

Wei Naixing is Professor of English and Ph.D supervisor in Linguistics and Applied linguistics of

BeihangUniversity. He is currently Chairman of Corpus Linguistics Society of China (CLSC). He holds a MA in English degree of BirminghamUniversity and a Ph.D in Linguistics degree of ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity. His major research interests cover Corpus-based language studiesApplied linguistic studies, Contrastive lexis, and Phraseology. His academic research endeavours include (1)co-directed the project “College Learners Spoken English Corpus” (COLSEC) (National Social Science Foundation, 01BYY007 )(2001-2005); (2) Directed the project “Application of Corpus Methods and Technology in Foreign Language Teaching”. (National Social Science Foundation, 02BYY016) (2001-2005); (3) Directed the project “A Parallel-corpus-based Study of Units of Meaning in English and Chinese Texts” (National Social Science Foundation, 07BYY004 ) (2007- present); (4)Directed the project “EAP Corpus Construction and Applications”. (Ministry of Education 985 Projects) (2000-2003); (5)Directed the project “Parallel Corpus Studies”. (Ministry of Education 985 Projects) (2005-2009).
Wei Naixing has published profusely. Major publications include
1. “Empirical Investigations of Theories and Practices in
China’s College English Teaching”. Changing Languages . 2000/9.
2. Patterns and Features of Chinese Learner Spoken English, Proceedings of Coherence on Learner Corpora Studies in Asia,
Tokyo, 2004
3. On the Phraseology of Chinese Learner Spoken English. In Andreas H. Jucker, Daniel Schreier and Marianne Hundt (eds). Corpora: Pragmatics and Discourse. Rodopi.
4. An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics.
Foreign Language Education Press.
5. Corpora in Use. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. 2005.
6. Construction and Data Analysis of Chinese Learners spoken English corpus. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. 2005.

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