Professor Liu Meijun made a visit to SFL and gave an academic report-北京航空航天大学外国语学院
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    Professor Liu Meijun made a visit to SFL and gave an academic report

      Professor Liu Meijun from City University of Hong Kong made a visit to School of Foreign Languages, BUAA to give an academic report titled “Emotion Verbs in Chinese and English” in Nov 20th, 2015. Her research aims to expound the diversity of Chinese emotional verbs as well as to clarify the features and interactions of different levels among morphology, grammar and semantics, both of which contribute to the formation of “frame semantics—construction grammar” based analytic framework and the criteria for classification. The theme of this research helps to demonstrate the disparities between Chinese and English and is well related with the frontier of neuro-psycholinguistics.
      Professor Liu’s report was warmly welcomed and was spoken highly of by those who were present. Professor Liu got her PhD in cognitive science from University of Colorado in 1993 and is now the head of Department of Linguistics and Translation, City University of Hong Kong. Her research orientations are functional syntax, lexical semantics, corpus linguistics and cognitive linguistics.