Literature theories-北京航空航天大学外国语学院
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    Literature theories

      Course title
      Literature theories
      HE, Ke
      Instructor’s profile
      German teacher in German Department of BUAA
      Course goals
      The Course LITERATURE THEORIES is aimed at students who have started the Master's degree in the fields of German literature. The course is aimed at: the historical development to inform the Deputy theorists and their opinions by respective literature. With the application part they can better understand how and how to connect the theoretical approaches to literary texts. One can choose from various theoretical perspectives to interpret the same literary text or analyze various texts from the same theoretical perspective. Students may learn thereby how to write a scientific paper on text analysis and extend the knowledge of a literary text and its author and can learn about the ambiguity of the literature.
      The course encompasses 7major topics:
      Einführung (2 hours)
      Hermeneutik und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      Sozialgeschichtliche Ansätze und ihre Anwendung (3 hours)
      Rezeptionsästhetik und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      Intertextualität und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      Strukturale Texttheorie und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      Psychoanalytische Literaturwissenschaft und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      Feministische Literaturkritik und ihre Anwendung (3 hours)
      Literarische Anthropologie und ihre Anwendung (4 hours)
      The course is assessed through two written course papers which report on individual case studies and project work.
      Reference books
      Arne Klawitter und Michael Ostheimer: Einführung in die Literaturtheorie. Verlag für fremdsprachige Lehrung und Forschung, 2008 Beijing.
      Working language