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      Course title
      Xiao Hui
      Instructor’s profile
      Xiao Hui obtained his master degree from Foreign Language Department Jilin University of Technology. His research interests are the mental processes of the first and second language use.
      Course goals
      This course aims
      (i) to provide an overview of the issues in the area of psycholinguistics and applied psycholinguistics
      (ii) to enable students to understand and assess current scientific debates in this research area, and
      (iii) to prepare students for doing their own empirical research on psycholinguistics and apply the methodology and techniques in psycholinguistic to their sections.
      Topics to be covered in this course include General Themes and Historical Perspectives, Psychological and Biological Foundations, Language Comprehension and Memory, Language Production, Language and Thought.
      Paper writing
      Reference books
      Psychology of Language Third edition 
      David W. Carroll Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 2000
      Psycholinguistics Second edition
      Slobin, D. I. Scott, Forsesman and Company 1979
      Working language