Advanced English Reading (I)-北京航空航天大学外国语学院
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    Advanced English Reading (I)

      Course title
      Advanced English Reading (I)
      XING Li
      Course goals
      This course is designed as an elementary course of the translation major for MTI students of Foreign Languages College. A further extension of the undergraduate courses of basic skills, it aims to establish a solid foundation for the students, and at the same time it tries to improve students’ reading comprehension which serves as the basis of one end of the whole translation process (a translation process usually consists of two ends—“comprehension” and “expression”), namely “comprehension”, in view of the basic requirement for MTI students’ ability of translation practice. The course plans to strengthen students’ basic skills through a combination of lectures, reading comprehension and relative exercises. Difficulty of the reading materials is demanded so that the course manifests the advanced level of reading comprehension training. At the same time, reading comprehension will be closely related to translation practice, and that is highly compatible with the MTI teaching orientation. Through this course, students are expected to greatly improve their reading comprehension and translation practice, set up a solid foundation for their own major and make good preparations for the future professional career in various walks.
      1. Space Science (4 hours)
      2. Economics (2 hours)
      3. Literature (2 hours)
      4. Environment (2 hours)
      5. Religion (4 hours)
      6. Engineering (4 hours)
      7. Philosophy (4 hours)
      8. History (4 hours)
      9. Medicine (2 hours)
      10.Computer and Internet (4 hours)
      Participation and assignments (50%) + Final exam (50%)
      Reference books
      Shi Famin ed., Advanced English Reading, Peking University Press, 2009 .
      Liu Yuzhen ed., Advanced English Reading: Natural Science Studies, Tianjin University Press, 2006.
      Liu Jingen, Liu Yuzhen ed., Advanced English Reading: Social Science Studies, Tianjin University Press, 2006.
      Wu Keming, Ji Tianxiang ed., Advanced English Reader, Nanjing University Press, 2010.
      Wang Shouren, Cheng Lengjie ed., An Advanced Course of English Reading, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2006.
      Working language