Introduction to Systemic Functional Grammar-北京航空航天大学外国语学院
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    Introduction to Systemic Functional Grammar

      Course title
      Introduction to Systemic Functional Grammar
      Min DONG
      Instructor’s profile
      Female, Associate Professor, Master Postgraduate Supervisor, PhD in Foreign Language Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Research interests in Systemic Functional Grammar, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Theory and Practice in EST translation
      Course goals
      Enabling students to command systematically a language theory that has both theoretical influence and essential application significance in literary text analysis, translation theory and practice with regard to analysis of source text and appreciation of target text, and language learning and teaching.
      1. Historical perspectives on SFL
      2. The purposes of linguistic analysis
      3. Identifying clauses and clause constituents
      4. An overview of Functional Grammar
      5. Interaction in the clause: the interpersonal metafunction
      6. Representing the world: the experiential metafunction
      7. Organizing the message: the textual metafunction: Theme
      8. Organizing the message: the textual metafunction: cohesion
      9. Grammatical metaphor
      10. Clauses in combination
      11. Below the clause: word, group and phrase
      12. SFG and Corpus linguistics: convergence and divergence
      13. SFG and Contrastive study of Chinese and English
      14. Implications and applications of Functional Grammar
      Attendance & Performance in class: 15%;
      Presentation: 15%;
      Two Term papers: 70%.
      Reference books
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      Language and Society)
      Working language