Associate Professor He Yuyin-北京航空航天大学外国语学院
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    Associate Professor He Yuyin

      Basic information


      He Yuyin


      Email address

      Research areas

      Corpus linguistics

      Computational linguistics


      Brief introduction

      He Yuyin is an Associate Professor of English in Beihang University. She received her Ph.D in linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Communications University of China. Her major research interests cover Corpus-based language studiesComputational linguistics, C-E contrastive studies, and ESP. Her academic research endeavours include (1) currently directing the project “A Multi-Dimensional Study of Chinese Scholar English Based on Research Article Corpora”(Beijing Social Science Foundation, 13WYB012 )(2013-2016) (2)currently directing the project “Corpus-Based Contrastive Study of Discourse Features of Research Papers by Native Speaker Scientists and Chinese Non-Native Speaker Scientists”(Ministry of Education Social Science Foundation, 11YJA740030 )(2011-2016); (3) Directed the project “Multi-Dimensional Studies of Aerospace Corpora”. (Ministry of Education China Foreign Language Education Foundation, 08JA740033-7 )(2010-2012); (4) Directed “Needs Analyses and Experiment Studies of Chinese Culture in Foreign Language Education in Key Engineering-Oriented Universities” as a part of the project “The Lack of Chinese Culture in Foreign Language Education in Higher Education and its Solutions” (Ministry of Education Social Science Foundation, 08JA740033-7)(2009-2011).

      Major publications:
      1. A Corpus-Based Study of Epistemic Modality Markers in Chinese Research Articles. In D. Ji and G. Xiao (Eds.): CLSW 2012, LNAI 7717, pp. 199--208. Springer,
      Heidelberg, 2013.
      2. “Study on Chinese Cultural Vocabulary Based on the Corpus of Contemporary American English”.
      Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal. 2010/1: 7-11.

      3. “On the Corpus-Based Iconicity of Chinese Sign Language”. Chinese Journal of Special Education. 2010/9: 53-57.