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Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese
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Course title
Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese
Course goals
Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese is a course designed for the graduates in the broad area of Linguistics and Literature studies. It aims to familiarize the course attendants with the basic ideas and methods in contrastive studies, and enable them to conduct contrastive researches of English and Chinese at different levels of linguistic analyses. This course gives a focus on the synchronic analyses of the key topics in English-Chinese contrastive studies. It is hoped that the students can develop an understanding of the central differences between the two languages, discover the existing problem(s) in this field, and cultivate their own solutions to the problem from a new perspective.
The course mainly consists of 10 topics
1) Basic principles in contrastive studies (2)
2) Typological features of English and Chinese (2)
3) Contrasting basic structural features (2)
4) Contrasting basic semantic features (4)
5) Contrasting clause expansion patterns (3)
6) Contrasting word order regularities (4)
7) Contrasting possessives and their usage patterns (3)
8) Contrasting impersonals and their usage patterns (4)
9) Contrasting cohesive and coherent patterning (4 )
10) Contrastive methodology (2)
Term paper, and class reading presentation
Reference books
Chesterman, A. Contrastive Functional Analysis. John Benjamins, 1998.
Gonzalez, M. et al. Current Trends in Contrastive Linguistics. John Benjamins, 2008.
Scollon, R. et al. Contrastive discourse in Chinese and English.Foreign language Teaching and Research Press, 2000.
Working language

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