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School of Foreign Languages

           The history of the School of Foreign Languages is one of dedication and commitment by a team of remarkable people who set up and nurtured what has now developed into one of the top institutions in China for foreign language teaching and research. The School, grown out of the Foreign Languages Department (1977-2007), started to enroll undergraduates in 1978 and graduate students in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in 1985 respectively, one of the first institutions in China offering such programs. With the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2010, the School now offers doctoral programs in all fields related to Foreign Languages and Literatures.    


    Faculty in the School of Foreign Languages includes more than 100 scholars working at the forefronts of linguistic, literary and translation studies in a professionally oriented research environment, a vigorous academic community dedicated to the success of its students and to the advancement of research.


    The School has all the advantages that a nation’s prestige university can have—a wide range of excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs and a variety of faculty and research disciplines to cater for the needs of any individual student.  


    The School’s full degree programs (BA, MA, and PhD) feature the application of computer technology in language and translation teaching and research, corpus-based linguistic studies and translation studies, cognitive linguistics, and rhetoric and communication. Labs are open to both faculty and students interested in corpus-based linguistic research, computer-aided translation research, and language teaching research.  


    The School of Foreign Languages offers many options for language- and culture-related study and research through the following Departments and Divisions:  



    Department of Applied English  


    Department of English Literature  


    Department of German Studies  


    Department of Linguistic Science and Engineering  


    Department of Rhetoric and Communication  


    Department of Russian Studies  


    Department of Translation and Interpretation  


    Division for Teaching English as a Second Language (non-English major postgraduates)  


    Division for Teaching English as a Second Language (non-English major undergraduates)  



    An array of programs are provided by the Departments and Divisions, allowing students to customize their course schedules based on individual needs and achieve their professional goals.  


    The School has close ties with the international community. Its strategic partners are worldwide, including leading universities in Australia, Germany, Russia, UK, and US. Every year, both faculty and students benefit from many of its exchange programs, joint research projects, and summer school programs.  





    The School of Foreign Languages, Beihang University  




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